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Dominic Raab says it’s ‘inappropriate’ to discuss bullying allegations

Dominic Raab He declined to comment on the bullying allegations surrounding him, saying it was “inappropriate.”

of Attorney General Asked repeatedly about investigating his behavior.

Independent attorney Adam Tolley KC is investigating a number of formal complaints made against Raab by public officials.

Sky News confronted him with allegations from individuals in various government departments who expressed concern over the treatment of his colleagues.

However, Raab said, “I have said I will cooperate fully with the investigation. I do not comment on anonymous sources in the media.

“In fact, it’s a violation of the investigative rules for everyone, and of course we want to respect that.”

Asked by an anonymous source if he was aware of some of the alleged behavior, Raab said, “It’s actually inappropriate for me to comment on the question you just asked. is in violation of … As a matter of professional integrity, I have no intention of doing that.”

On his relationship with public officials, he said, “Of course, I want to have positive relationships. The majority of people I work with do. But I’m not going to comment on allegations or allegations.”

Raab before vowed to resign from Rishi Sunak’s cabinet If you are convicted of staff bullying.

but he refused to resign in front of them investigation of his behaviorsaying “innocent until proven guilty”.

Staff in multiple departments he leads have complained about his actions. brexit Department of State, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Justice.

Former Tory Party chairman Jake Berry has called for Raab to step down from his ministerial role while the allegations are investigated.

Prime Minister Sunak has resisted calls for Raab’s suspension or resignation pending an investigation, instead he is waiting for the investigation to be completed.

raab is I said before that he’s not a bully Always “behave like a pro” to staff.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson privately warned Raab about his actions when he was at number 10.

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