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Did Alex kill Emmerdale’s Manpreet in a violent robbery that didn’t go well?

Alex was always going to cause trouble (Photo: ITV)

Reverend Charles (Kevin Maturin) is usually all about seeing the good in people, but when it comes to his own daughter, he has the bloodhound skills of sniffing out Emmerdale’s bad boys. He knows her new man Alex is wrong, and Alex is trying to prove him right in the most terrifying way.

Charles disregarded his instincts to allow Naomi (Karen Peter) to indulge in this new relationship, allaying Naomi’s frustration. it can be something significant.

But now Alex is only showing his good side and Charles can’t help but moan. It’s all a dangerous ruse as Alex prepares for the robbery and Manpreet gets caught in a shootout.

in the meantime Charles continues to play well and Alex is plotting. He overhears Manpreet on the phone talking about drug delivery for surgery, his eyes glowing with pound signs. Finding Motherlord, he makes a secret phone call.

The next day, Alex answers the phone and is upset by who he is talking to. But while he’s busy planning heinous things, naive Naomi and Charles believe him when he says he has a job interview.

Outside the village, his ruse falls apart when Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) discover him in the middle of a dastardly act of handing over cash to a mysterious woman.

Belle still has a dilemma Score Naomi what she sees, but it comes eventually pretty. In typical Naomi style, Chas stands up for Belle and she doesn’t believe until Naomi is forced to admit they might be right.

She confronts her new squeeze and catches him in a lie, but he offers an innocent explanation for meeting the mysterious woman. her son Max, whom he claims supports putting his father in prison. Lies, all lies.

Back home, Alex makes sure everything is fine with Naomi before leaving, and after he leaves, it’s revealed that his relationship with Naomi was a sham. His true intention is to deprive the surgery of all value.

The surgery was called off due to electrical problems, so given the chance, Alex steals Manpreet’s key. He armed himself and heads there to search for drugs. But now that the surgery is over, Alex isn’t expecting a surprise visitor.

Manpreet pops out after realizing the operation is open. He panics at her unexpected entrance and prepares to arm himself and silence her.How far will he go to silence her?

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