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decline and downfall

…or SNP has been posted for quite some time.

Because no party can thrive for long if it’s packed with complete idiots.

In defense of Adam and Tweed, their creative approach to arithmetic cough cough cough cough “Pro-Indy” Newspaper Columnist:

But these are simple lies.

Nicola Sturgeon was sworn in as SNP leader on November 14, 2014. As the party’s CEO, who was also (and still is) her husband, tells us, we know Nicola Sturgeon will be her first one-day party member in office. I know

That was 85,000 instead of 25,000, more than 13,000 higher than the figure the party announced yesterday. (Which in itself is very likely to be quite an exaggeration. The party is currently losing 100+ members per day Sturgeon will remain in power for a few more weeks. ) to triple her membership would have required Sturgeon to increase it to over 250,000 instead of reducing it to her 72,000.

Both Adam and Tweed are recent MSPs starting in 2021.readers at least I’m a little used to Adamfor example, is a somewhat complex character.

Wikipedia list her major political achievements She receives death threats on Twitter and makes clumsy comments about pedophiles. Equality, Human Rights and Civil Justiceand Agricultural administration/Islands/Natural environment.

Evelyn Tweed’s track record is somewhat unimpressive (we think this is somehow impressive under the bar that would have challenged an anorexic tapeworm).Here’s the entire Wikipedia entry calling her quite generously political careerconsisting mainly of apologies.

She also appeared in Allyn Smith’s tin ears speak An attempt was made to secure Stirling’s status as the ‘British City of Culture in 2025’ at a time when SNP was still insisting there would be an indyref in 2023.

(Trivia note: Tweed’s husband lost the by-election in Stirling last night to the Tories and is now the largest group in Parliament. Somewhere in Scotland, his spouse/son/daughter/father/granny /milkman has not secured selection as a candidate either, so if we find one, we’ll let you know.)

But being a novice is no obstacle to making progress with Nicola Sturgeon’s modern SNP. The party’s head of policy development – ​​an apparently serious and important role traditionally occupied by a wise old head who was around the block a few times – is now a dog body and a cup of tea. He had only experience as a manufacturer.

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of these people. We’ve been writing about Scottish politics for a living for the past 11 years, and we’ve written neither. (Just because she had no clue who she was didn’t stop her from being preemptively blocked by Tweed on Twitter.)

Humza Yousaf is a SNP continuation candidate. Readers of Wings who remain members (or who have left the party but were given votes anyway) must decide whether the current state of affairs should be continued.

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