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Cyclone weather conditions hit UK as more snow falls

Britain is with office He warned of a possible “cyclone”. Temperatures are also looking more promising, with more sunny days and a chance of milder weather.However, in late March and early April, a series of weather It is expected that the situation will change mirror.

This consists of heavy rains, winds, and storms, with the possibility of returning snow.

The Japan Meteorological Agency’s long-range forecast for March 21-30 states:

“After that, more clouds and rain are likely to spread from the west.

“The remainder of the period is likely to be characterized by a continuation of erratic weather, with cyclonic conditions initially dominant and expected to bring occasional heavy rainfall and showers.

“We see the heaviest rainfall in the west, while the east remains relatively dry.

“Winter showers may return later in the north, but total precipitation is generally lower than in the south. Temperatures are typically mild to normal, but short periods of widespread cold are possible. there is.”

Dr. Mark McCarthy of the Japan Meteorological Agency’s National Climate Information Center said such weather is not unusual for this time of year. “Looking back at the beginning of March 2021, the UK maximum temperature was very similar to what he saw at the beginning of March 2023.

“Many are expecting a repeat this month because of sudden stratospheric warming in February, the exact same weather phenomenon that brought Beast from the East from the Beast in 2018. Even if you think it was planned, you will be forgiven.”

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Most of the area will see clear skies today, with occasional showers and strange rumbles of thunder. Northern Scotland and parts of eastern and southern England will be cloudy with some rain showers. Milder than yesterday.

Met Office spokesperson Stephen Dixon said. Independent The change to a jet stream meant there was still “uncertainty in the forecast for next week,” but was confident that widespread rain and high winds would be “the main feature.”

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