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Crown stirs up trouble over wrecked Mercedes replica carrying late princess

Controversy over new Diana at The Crown after Netflix show sparked fights over taste and decency as photo shows replica of wrecked Mercedes from crash in Paris that killed princess

It’s an award-winning show that has followed its fate into controversy time and time again. royal family From the 1940’s.

now crown Risk of new controversy after photos emerged showing wrecked replica Mercedes being shipped Princess Diana – A set from Elstree Studios.

Diana and Dodi Fayed They died in the early hours of August 31, 1997 after the S-Class they were traveling in crashed in the Ponte Alma tunnel in Paris.

Images obtained by the Daily Mail show a re-creation of the wreckage of the black Mercedes with the front wheels buckled, the hood crushed and the dashboard hanging from the windshield.

The vehicle is said to have been secretly transported to Paris under a tarp. This is his one of two cars brought to Paris for filming last year.

Now the crown is risking new controversy after photos surfaced showing a replica of the wrecked Mercedes carrying Princess Diana on the set of Elstree Studios

Clown actors Elizabeth Debicki and Khalid Abdallah film Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed's tragic final day shoot

Clown actors Elizabeth Debicki and Khalid Abdallah film Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed’s tragic final day shoot

Scenes from the next season on Netflix "crown" Taken last October

Scenes for the upcoming season of Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ were filmed last October

In October, a Netflix crew was seen reenacting Diana’s final journey in the French capital. Another scene, filmed in December, shows investigators examining the wreckage.

Netflix claimed at the time that it “won’t show the exact moment of impact of the crash,” but a source told us in an email: The car was wrecked. I think it will cause a lot of trouble for the royal family. If it were another family, I don’t know if they would.

Fayde and his driver, Henri Paul, 41, died instantly, while Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki, was taken to hospital but later died of her injuries. British bodyguard Trevor Reese-Jones was the sole survivor.

Series 6 follows the Royals from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. Netflix declined to comment.

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