Courtney Love condemns Rock & Roll Hall of Fame exclusion in scathing editorial

Rocker Says We Can ‘Go To Hell With Handbags’ Unless Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Can Find A Way To Be More Inclusive courtney love.

There are debates about candidates and Hall of Fame every year, but who gets nominated and inducted into the Hall of Fame is never a silly question.Love argued that Hall had a real financial impact on selected artists The Guardian’s Furious Opinion.

Love said Hall’s voting process wasn’t enough to honor an important figure in the music world. If there are so few artists and women of color inducted into the Hall of Fame, we need to overhaul the voting process.”

She added, “Shame on HBO for endorsing this farce.”

Love admitted that this year included more female nominees than ever before, but Hall chilled icons such as Kate Bush waiting for their chance. Can be nominated 25 years after release. President Bush said he was eligible as of 2004, but was not put on the ballot until 2018 and is still not inducted into the Hall of Fame.

In fact, only 8% of women have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There’s a reason, Love pointed out.

“Of the 31 people on the nominating committee, only nine are women. According to music historian Evelyn McDonnell,, Rockhall voters, including musicians and industry elite, are 90% male. ”

Black artists didn’t do well. Chaka Khan’s talent was hailed by love, but even its dynamic power has yet to be recognized. And I was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2012,” Love said.

Hall of Fame inductees are important because they demonstrate Hall’s greatness, which increases their revenue opportunities. You’ll experience performance guarantees, reissue campaign quality, and other benefits.

“These opportunities are life-changing. It’s the difference between touring secondary market casinos opened by mediocre comedians or headlining respected festivals,” Love wrote. Induction to the Hall “has a direct impact on their livelihoods. is the most visible way to

She concluded: You contributed to popular music, but then put it in your handbag and let it go to hell. ”

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