Chat with Federica D’Andrea, Head of Global Marketing for Financial Marketplace: Incomlend

Incomlend is a financial marketplace that provides unsecured funding to small businesses in certain jurisdictions. Our solution allows sellers to receive early payment of accounts receivable (invoices) immediately after shipping goods to the buyer without waiting for the buyer to make payment.

This process improves the exporter’s cash flow while stabilizing the importer’s supply chain.

What do you think makes this company unique?

I think what sets Incomlend apart is its ability to tailor its funding needs with technology-enabled solutions. Simply put, exporters can upload invoices to the marketplace and fund within 48 hours. In addition to the responsiveness, the IT infrastructure and support we can provide throughout the process are clear advantages.

How has the company evolved over the years?

After the COVID-19 pandemic, all businesses had to reinvent themselves and become tech savvy. At Incomlend, we’ve focused on taking a more technical approach while improving our systems for a better customer experience, with the ultimate goal of making things easier and smoother for our viewers.

Finance and technology, as the term suggests, can and should be combined to provide a comfortable and easy-to-use platform for a company’s financial needs.

What can we expect from Incomlend in the future?

Advances in IT are something we are definitely considering. By improving and reinventing some aspects of the current onboarding process, we want to make it as self-sufficient as possible for businesses to sign up and sell their bills at discounted prices.

The goal is to minimize human interaction and allow trading partners to independently seek alternative working capital solutions. This definitely takes our time and education, but I believe it is doable, even for complex financial instruments.

How is B2B marketing evolving today?

Media buying has become much more expensive in recent years, especially since the pandemic and the digital revolution, making marketing decisions and strategies more difficult. When using a B2B approach, audiences are automatically defined and narrowed down, making it difficult to find large numbers of customers.

However, looking at a half full glass, this can be an advantage in certain situations. This is because you can target businesses that meet certain criteria based on your company and product needs. Reach will be reduced, but if your strategy includes the right set of attributes and interests, your CPA will be significantly reduced and lead quality will be higher.

We are always looking for diversified marketing strategies that rely on multiple revenue streams while expanding our services to new geographies and audiences. When it comes to messaging, I always like to keep the B2B2C approach in mind. At the end of the day, we are talking to people regardless of the nature of the product.

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