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Channel 4 documentary reveals how Tiger Lily Hutchence-Geldof escaped her past

With her intense gaze and faint smile, Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof boasts of the unmistakable rock star of her father, the late INXS frontman. Michael Hutchence.

The 26-year-old also has inherited musical talent. Last month, she released her quiet debut her album, Tragic Tiger’s Sad Meltdown. The phrase is borrowed from an Australian magazine headline.

And it’s that joke title that says a lot about where her character came from.

Friends say her late mother is just like that when the media jokes about her interest. Paula Yateswould have done

This week, Paula’s legacy as a mother, TV host, friend and lover is once again in the spotlight in Channel 4’s two-part documentary, Paula.

Pictured in 2014, Tiger Lily Hutchence-Geldof appears to have inherited her musical talents from her late father, INXS frontman Michael Hutchence.

New life: Tiger Lily enjoys the beach in Perth, Australia. She lived in the bohemian seaside town of Fremantle south of Perth, where she began her career as a musician.

New life: Tiger Lily enjoys the beach in Perth, Australia. She lived in the bohemian seaside town of Fremantle south of Perth, where she began her career as a musician.

It questions how her pioneering but short life affected those she loved, and whether the toxic combination of drugs, alcohol and grief that killed her had affected them as well. increase.

The ‘tragic tiger’ certainly suffered unjustly. A devastated Paula dies from an “inadvertent” overdose of heroin.

But Tiger Lily, who was raised by Paula’s ex-husband and father of three older children, Bob Geldof, seems to be on a calmer, healthier path.

Now based in Hutchence’s native Australia, she lives in the bohemian seaside town of Fremantle south of Perth, where she began her musical career.

Born Heavenly Hirani Tiger Lily, she was always known as Tiger Lily, but today prefers to use the name Heavenly.

Her life has been a paradise of surfing, meditation and yoga, escaping the gritty drug scene in London that killed her mother in 2000 and her half-sister Peaches, who died of a heroin overdose in 2014 at the age of 25. It’s a world.

Tiger Lily was only four years old when she found Paula dead when she was home alone with her mother. When she got a call from her friend Paula, she set off the alarm and said she “couldn’t wake Mom.”

The girl’s nature reserve was Geldof’s house.

Tiger Lily knew the Boomtown Rats star and charity activist well.

She also got along well with her half-sisters: Fifi, now 39, Peaches, and Pixie, 32 (pictured).

She also got along well with her half-sisters: Fifi, now 39, Peaches, and Pixie, 32 (pictured).

She was also close to her half-sisters. She is now Fifi, 39, Peaches, and Pixie, 32. Tiger Lily and Fifi initially shared a bed clinging to each other in grief. Geldof became her legal guardian and officially adopted her in 2007, determined to keep her out of the spotlight of her business on the show.

A £12,000-a-year Sixth Form in South West London, she was known for her freewheeling spirit and was the only girl not afraid to grow her armpits. Her attempts to lure her into the London social scene, like her DJ Nick Grimshaw and model Daisy Lowe and her best friend, her sister Pixie, have been unsuccessful.

After dabbling in acting and performing at college in New York, she returned to London and completed her degree at Goldsmiths College in South East London.

She decided to move to Australia after graduating in 2019, where she personally reclaimed Hutchence’s bloodline and reunited with his friends and family. It is said that he did not know that he was his father.

According to a source, Tiger Lily has been in contact with the family for some time now, reaching out to Michael’s sister Tina through an intermediary in 2017.

Tina, a retired makeup artist living in California, had a broken relationship with Geldof and allegedly tried legal action to gain contact with her niece at a young age, but ultimately failed. It is said that it ended in

When contacted this week, Tina did not respond. Tiger Lily is also believed to have made contact with his father’s INXS bandmates, including guitarist Tim Faris, as well as Australian cousins.

The desire to leave Britain and all its painful memories behind, especially Peaches’ death, is understandable.

Tiger Lily and Peach were very good friends. A video posted online shows her playing piano with Melisando Gutierrez, daughter of Peaches’ best friend Lily. is about Peaches.

Photo: As a baby with her parents Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates

Photo: As a baby with her parents Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates

“It was really inspiring to create something so free and understanding,” she wrote.

“Most of the songs are about my sister Peaches, who died when I was a teenager, so it felt very powerful when I sang it aloud, but my band always made me feel like a hero. rice field.”

Indeed, it was in Australia that Tiger Lily found the courage to spread their wings as performers. Until recently, she was dating former bassist Nick Allbrook of Australian band Tame Impala, who works as a landscaper. She is currently single and enjoys her scene of local alternative folk music, performing with her friends at local bars in nearby Perth.

she said:

“Living close to nature meant I was creative and open-minded. Surprisingly no luck to sustain her new creative endeavours, when she turned 18, 21 and 25, three of £12 million each from the Hutchence estate. I was to receive one lump sum payment.

At the event, sources say there was money for education and nannies, but nothing more. As Fifi said, “There are no golden lilies. Dad grew up to make his own money, and he instilled that in us.”

Filmmaker Richard Loewenstein, who met with Tiger Lily in 2019, said: daughter. Entire property disappeared.

I said, “I might still come when I’m 25,” but she just stopped laughing and said she gave up. She’s literally gone.

Hutchence’s estate and his trust were managed by his former attorney and Tiger Lily’s godfather, Colin Diamond.

Lowenstein added: [him] He handed her an envelope containing £500 (AUD $900) and said, ‘Look, it’s going to hurt you.’ I think Bob shook his head in fear.

Lowenstein said he was “incredibly excited” to give her an acoustic guitar that belonged to her father.

What about her remaining sisters, Fifi and Pixie? The oldest of the Yates-Geldof girls, her Fifi doesn’t stay in the limelight like Tiger Lily. Now 39, she lives quietly in the suburbs of London with her husband Andrew Robertson and many dogs.

She has struggled with depression most of her life.

Fifi was not on good terms with her when Paula died, hinting that it may have been due to her mother’s drinking and drug use.

She once told an interviewer: I don’t think I knew her very well.

“If what happened then (I won’t go into details) had happened today, not speaking would happen again. I don’t regret it, and I still don’t.

After Paula’s death, she had an intense period after her A-levels.

“I was a stupid, hurt, stupid, reckless teenager. If I hadn’t met my ex-boyfriend when I was 19 or 20, I would be dead by now.”

Sister Pixie lives in North London with her husband, drummer George Burnett, and their daughter, born in 2021. She has had a long career as a model, advocated for marine conservation and has also worked as a DJ.

Her circle of friends includes Harry Styles and Princess Eugenie (she was a guest at Eugenie’s wedding).

One friend said, “I think she’s sober. I heard that a while ago. She’s completely out of the showbiz scene and rarely goes out.”

No one seems prepared to make the same mistakes that their mother and sister made.

And Tiger Lily, who has lived in the shadow of such a tragedy, may not have a “sad meltdown”.

It’s probably the best legacy Paula could wish for.

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