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Celebrity bake-off viewers were baffled by Jesse Nelson’s crazy long nails

Jesy Nelson hit a little wall at tonight’s Celebrity Bake Off (Photo: Channel 4)

Jesse Nelson didn’t seem to think about what appearing on The Great British Bake Off entailed when he got his latest manicure.

This became apparent when the 31-year-old Little Mix singer tried to put pie crust in a tray, but she was found. failed to complete the task because of her strong claws.

“I will do it,” said the kind person pull leaseJessie kept her promise as she seemed embarrassed by her inability to tackle the delicious treats on her own.

The singer appeared in tonight’s episode The Great Celebrity Bake Off: Fighting Cancer side by side with friends David Schwimmercomedians Rose Matafeo and Tom Davis.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Let’s face it. Jesy’s nails weren’t even her biggest obstacle, as she tackled three baking tasks and called them all “failures.”

Fans of the show took to Twitter with some specific concerns, as many called Jessie for her long nails in what could be the most surreal bake-off prep ever. bottom.

Jesy finds things a little difficult due to her long nails (Photo: Channel 4)
Viewers wondered if she had thought about this before appearing on the show (Photo: Channel 4)
Jessie finally got there, but she didn’t scoop up Starbaker (Photo: Channel 4)

Some worried about the hygiene of such long nails, while others begged Jessie to grow her long hair out when working with baked goods (or bathing).

As one person said: It’s ridiculous that Jesy always flicks her (along with her claws).

Another wrote: ‘Claws that render you completely useless. Good idea! #GBBO.

“Didn’t anyone advise what Jesse Nelson would actually do on the show before he appeared on Bake Off? That claw state!!” the third quipped.

“#GBBO Jesy…nails and hair…both lift me up…” wrote another fan, while one pointed out that her nails were a no-brainer. She’s in the culinary industry.” [sic]

Even GBBO’s official Twitter account made fun of Jesse’s nails, writing:

At the beginning of the episode, Jesy joked: “This is the first time I’ve cooked in my life.”

Friends actor David (spoiler alert) returned home as Starbaker, Jessie was not surprised As she put it, she didn’t win the title: “Definitely doesn’t have baking bugs, but maybe a bit of packet mix.”

Jesy, what is a Little Mix?

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