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Cabinet minister says he wants to be “enthusiastic” about sending migrants to Rwanda

England government He says he wants to “crack down” on sending immigrants on one-way trips to the United States. Rwandaplans are being made for summer deportation.

Cabinet Office Minister Oliver Dowden He cited court challenges as the reason the policy has not yet moved forward.

However, he expressed confidence that the plan was “legal” and insisted swift action would follow if the courts ruled in favor of the government.

“We are certainly working to get the flights off the ground before the summer,” a Home Office source said, adding that interior secretary. Suela Braverman We admit that we are dependent on the pending legal battle.

So far, no migrants have moved to the country since Ms. Braverman’s predecessor, Priti Patel, signed the agreement last April.

Ms Braverman has expanded the pact with Rwanda to include everyone entering the UK illegally, not just asylum seekers.

The additions to the agreement will allow illegal immigrants to be detained and expeditiously removed under the Illegal Migration Bill (IMB) regardless of the claims they bring, including asylum, human rights, modern slavery or nothing. It will be implemented to ensure that

Dowden speaking as Braverman continues his visit to the Rwandan capital Kigalitold Sky News’ Sophy Ridge On Sunday programme:

“We actually won the case at the High Court stage. That’s before the Court of Appeals.

“But as soon as that process is complete, and I am confident our policy is legitimate, we will immediately break Rwanda’s policy and use it as a tool in our arsenal. ”

Asked about the possibility that his children would be covered by the new immigration system, Dowden said, “I don’t enjoy this. I really wish we didn’t have to. Not working to do this..

“The government is doing this because it’s a big problem.”

Mr Dowden also defended Mr Braverman’s visit to Rwanda.

The Home Secretary visited several properties that could be used to house asylum seekers and said, “I really like your interior designer.

Asked if the comment was “jarring,” Dowden said, “Contrary to some features of policy, this is about ensuring places are safe and accessible for people.

“The purpose of the Home Secretary’s visit was to further strengthen relations with Rwanda, so people should have confidence in this policy.”

Dowden also criticized Gary Lineker’s attack on the government’s immigration rhetoric.

Asked about a football commentator’s comparison of the language used in Germany in the 1930s to the language used by cabinet ministers, Dowden said: “I think it’s very offensive.

“When you compare this government’s policy of legally blocking dangerous and illegal immigration to the evils of the Nazi regime, it’s appalling that people can compare the two.”

As for Labor, shadow community secretary Lisa Nandy defended Lineker on the same show, saying, “What people say Gary Lineker said is very different from what Gary Lineker actually said. ing.

“The government has vehemently claimed that he was likening this to the Nazis, which he was not. I don’t think I did.

“What he was pointing out was a chilling comparison to an environment in which people were not free to challenge this kind of language and behavior.”

Ms Nandi also criticized the government’s “unethical and unworkable” policies in Rwanda and said it would use funds from the £140m deal to deal with criminal gangs profiting from crossing the channel. proposed that it should be used to support the efforts of the National Crime Agency.

She said, “Everyone agrees this is a serious problem, a crisis.

“But the question is, what is the government actually doing? So far they have had several PR opportunities and photo shoots. A £140m check was written to Rwanda to

“This is just a stunt from this government.”

German Ambassador to Britain Miguel Berger told Sky News when asked if it would be possible to “stop the ship”. It’s happening on your channel.

“I think we need to look at immigration routes from Libya, Turkey, Tunisia and many other countries. We have climate change that is creating more refugees. Ultimately what we need is to deal with this. It is a strong international cooperation in the problem.”

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