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Brian Cox discusses the end of Logan Roy ahead of Succession’s final season

It’s almost time to say goodbye to Logan Roy forever (Photo: Scott McDermott/Haute Living

With just days left until the final season of Inheritance kicks off, Logan Roy star Brian Cox gives us the smallest insight into where his no-nonsense character is going.

Jesse Armstrong’s award-winning HBO drama is coming to an end with Series 4. With Waystar RoyCo’s future in jeopardy, more betrayal and spite from Roys is sure to follow.

What is Cox really thinking about Logan as the popular show prepares to end?

“Logan isn’t that bad,” he claims.

I think that’s true and roots for Logan in his youth. He understands that his life will not work out the way he wants it to, but in a more mercenary way.

Brian Cox doesn’t think Logan is that bad… (Photo: Scott McDermott/Haute Living)

However, his children are unaware that if he doesn’t work, if he doesn’t commit to some kind of honesty in what he does, he can’t succeed, and he can’t do anything about it. That’s just the nature of the beast.

Cox uses the word “stuck” to describe his thoughts on Logan’s current place in the world.

“In a way I think it’s his tragedy,” he added. auto living“There’s a certain kind of mistrust there, and no clue is given as to where that mistrust comes from.

“That’s why writers are so gifted, because they don’t dwell on it. They know human nature is much more complicated. So Logan is full of little clues.” But the writer doesn’t want that solution, so he doesn’t have one.

Cox explained that Logan is ‘stuck’ in making a verdict on his current status (Photo: HBO)

Armstrong previously shared his decision to end the succession after Season 4, admitting that many different scenarios were discussed behind the scenes.

He told The New Yorker magazine: that. But what do you think? ”

“And we played out different scenarios. We could have done two, three seasons, or two more seasons. It can be a more rowdy, freewheeling kind of fun show that has good weeks and bad weeks.

“Or you could make something a little more muscular and complete and show strength. I think that’s what they’re doing, but let’s keep it open.”

He added: I’m really enjoying this period of editing where the entire season has been recorded, but we haven’t released it yet. I like interregnum.

“And I loved the times when my close collaborators and I probably knew this was over, or this was over, but we didn’t have to face it in the world.”

Inheritance Season 4 begins on HBO Max on March 26th.

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