Breaking Buzz: ‘House of the Dragon’ Star Millie Alcock Stirs Witch’s Brew for London Stage Debut in Arthur Miller Classic ‘Crucible’

Exclusive: House of the Dragon Star Millie Alcock She told me that she was making her professional theater debut in London. National Theater Play vengeful Abigail Williams in Arthur Miller’s powerful drama crucible.

The 22-year-old says she feels “humiliated” at the prospect of stepping on the board for a strictly limited season from June 7 to September 2 at Cameron McIntosh’s Gielgud Theater. is acknowledging

Lindsay Turner, who directed the film that later became known as Benedict Cumberbatch Hamlet Eight years ago at the Barbican, I staged Miller’s revival with Erin Doherty at the National last fall. crown — as Abigail.

Alcock is the first cast member booked for a West End transfer. “These were the only people who offered me jobs. Do you know what I’m talking about?” she laughed.

This is the first role she has signed since playing the young princess Raenira Targaryen in HBO’s first five episodes. of the game throne prequel House of the Dragon.

“It changed my life very quickly. It will never be the same again,” the Sydney-born actress says of being cast. series.

“Now I can do all the wonderful, amazing things that I really want to do, but I still don’t know what it is. Dreams can’t come true at 21 or 22.” .

“It shouldn’t be allowed,” she insists.

“I still need to fuck a little more – like, I shouldn’t be supervised by this young man on an everyday level,” she adds.

breaking buzz I ask if the rumors about her returning in Season 2 of . House of the Dragon “No,” she adamantly says in a flashback.

Alcock says Miller’s play about the Salem witch trials and hanging, which first appeared on Broadway 70 years ago, is still relevant in the age of social media. “It’s like the cockfight of our time,” she says. “I think people are afraid of what they don’t know or understand.”

her evaluation of the method crucible Connect to our culture of conflict? “We’re all dealing with the uncontrolled courtroom of the internet, and it seems like we’re constantly clouding each other’s judgment with misinformation.”

Millie Alcock in “House of the Dragon”


The theater “breaks me down,” she says.

It’s a tough part for stage novices to take on. acted in the production of little red rocking hood “I was about seven years old. I never played properly. I did plays in high school, but I never acted professionally,” she explains.

For her, the opportunity to appear in a National Theatre’s production was “everything very exciting and surreal and a big dream come true”.

Alcock, however, confesses to feeling “humiliated” at the prospect of participating in the production of an acclaimed masterpiece.

Lindsay Turner is currently taking final company-wide auditions.

Turner again collaborated with landscape designer Es Devlin, Benedict Cumberbatch Hamlet and number at Old Vic.

Johan Persson

Devlin’s also brought Sam Mendes’ award-winning set to the West End. lehmann trilogy, currently at the Gillian Lynn Theater. It started with National and is a co-production with Neil Street Productions, founded by Mendez, Pippa Harris and Caro Newling.

Gielgud’s Crucible production credits are: Costume designer Catherine Fay. Lighting designer Tim Rutkin. Sound Designer, Tingying Dong (Content Design); Sound Designer, Christopher Shutt (System Design). Caroline Shaw, composer and arranger. Musical director and arranger Osnat Schmoor, cast by Alastair Coomer and Naomi Downham. Associate Director, Bryce Stewart. Ellie Winter, Associate Set Designer. Max Narula, Associate Lighting Designer. Fight director Brett Yount. Intimate directors Ita O’Brien and Louise Kempton. Dialect coaches Daniel Lydon and Hazel Holder.Assistant Music Director, Alice Grant

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