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Boris Becker: ‘Anyone who says prison is easy is a liar’

He and Lily got married in 2009 and quickly got Amadeus, moving into a £22,000 a month rental mansion in Wimbledon in addition to the 12-bedroom villa they owned in Mallorca. They separated in 2018 but are not yet legally divorced.

To everyone’s credit, the kids are fine. Arriving late with Lillian for the premiere, charismatic artist Noah lives in Berlin. Elias is studying film at New York University. Anna, who just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in contemporary art, is spending her “gap moment” on the German version of her Strictly Come Dancing. Amadeus is at school in London. Becker cannot risk visiting the UK until his license expires in October 2024.

The logistics of keeping up with what he calls his “patchwork family” weren’t always easy. Today, he’s good friends with Barbara, and good friends with Angela. .. Well, the morning we meet, the newspapers are full of Lily calling him a “devil” who thinks “the world revolves around him.” So let’s call Lilly a work in progress.

“It takes intelligent parents to find their way. Barbara is so smart. We have two wonderful sons who deserve the best from us. “It’s the secret of patchwork relationships,” says Becker. “I have a similar relationship with my daughter’s mother. I have supported her every step of the way. She is now a strong independent young woman.

“So I hope I can get to the same point as Shirley, but I’m not there yet.

This weekend must be a bad weekend. “Well, she has her own opinion, but it’s not always correct and legally correct. I’ll leave it at that.

We’re still nowhere near determining exactly how Boris Becker ended up in prison, but in 2017 his lawyer told the Registrar that “he’s not a financially sophisticated individual.” Suffice it to say it was a good example when told…a legal understatement. Divorce, child support payments, his €6.5 million settlement in a German tax lawsuit, his ventures in questionable businesses, his lenient and cyberical lifestyle all add up or subtract.

Debts piled up and payments fell behind. He took an emergency loan from British billionaire John Caldwell and failed to repay it within three months. Once a professional poker his player, he likes the old saying, “Folding is no shame.” In 2017, Becker, to the surprise of the British public, beloved as his BBC critic and, until the mid-2000s, our outstanding radical, economically-disturbed, disheveled-haired Boris. had to declare bankruptcy.

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