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Boobs are F cup, I hate bras, and I’m always told terrible things

A woman with a natural F cup shares the terrible comments she often receives when she’s not wearing a bra.

The busty fashion influencer doesn’t let offensive remarks stop her from getting comfortable while cuddling her big breasts.


Casee Brim is a fashion influencer with a bigger bust.Credit: TikTok
She wears what she wants, but people always make the same comments about her breasts.


She wears what she wants, but people always make the same comments about her breasts.Credit: TikTok/caseebrim

Casey Brim (@caseebrim) is a self-proclaimed “Busty Fairy Godmother” who often posts outfit ideas for women big breasts especially, i don’t want to wear a bra.

in one tick tockbody-positive women shared comments and questions they often get when they’re out and about no bra upon.

Casey posed confidently with a yellow cowl neck blouse slung over her shoulders.

Above the video, she added text of what people said to her.

“You must wear a bra in public,” read one of the comments.

Another statement warned Casey: “Somebody will see your nip.”

“Too big to wear a bra,” someone told her, pointing out her breast size.

Casey was also asked, “Why aren’t you wearing a bra?”

But the biggest text in the video read, “If you don’t wear a bra, your breasts will sag.”

During all of this, Casey lip-synced to Billy Joel’s song: “I don’t care what you say, this is my life.

Finally, she pointed her middle finger at the camera and was plagued with sexist and body hurting comments.

“More comfortable than everything else,” she wrote in the caption.

“I actually noticed that my natural F cup became more perky when I started ‘training’ not to wear a bra.

People made comments supporting and praising the influencer.

“Confidence! I want to be you!” wrote one, while another added, “Finally someone I can relate to.”

“Brassies are old fashioned and I don’t care what anyone says. Lmao I have a D cup. I don’t wear bras,” someone else commented.

Others supported Casee’s claim that not wearing a bra made her breasts look fuller. Some bras may promote sagging.

“They really don’t feel much because they have to increase their strength to maintain themselves,” one agreed on the merits of not wearing a bra.

in a similar way tick tockCasee shared as clothing inspiration for busty women who feel they can only wear baggy clothes.

In it, she is shown wearing a slightly see-through corset top and no bra underneath.

and, another videoshe also shared what people told her: “If you don’t start dressing more modestly, I’ll stop following you.

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Instead of succumbing to peer pressure, Casee posed without a bra in a fitted dress with a plunging neckline that showed off her cleavage.

“There’s a door. Wear whatever makes you feel good, girl!” she wrote in the caption.

Casee chooses to wear what she wants regardless of what people say


Casee chooses to wear what she wants regardless of what people sayCredit: TikTok/caseebrim
She shares fashion inspiration, including bra-less outfits


She shares fashion inspiration, including bra-less outfitsCredit: TikTok/caseebrim

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