Bill Maher issues a warning to Irish people who want to fragment the US into separate political states

Bill Ma celebrated st.patrick’s day his on friday real time upon HBO -or, as he referred to, an “alcoholic Christmas” – drawing dangerous parallels between the religious hatred that fueled Irish politics in the last century and the turmoil between Democrats and Republicans in the United States today. by bringing it up.

“You can’t think of the Irish without thinking of the division,” said Maher, recalling the violent rebellion that created a divided society there. Now, he noted, the same level of intensity is erupting here between Democrats and Republicans. “We were praying for our country. Now both sides are praying that the other doesn’t destroy their country.”

Picking up an excerpt from former President Donald Trump’s recent speech at the CPAC convention, Maher noted how it reflected an almost biblical intensity about attacking the other side. It was “big talk from a guy who can’t even shut up his girlfriend,” Maher joked. They are heretics who must perish. ”

MP Marjorie Taylor-Green recently called for a national divorce for the Red and Blue states. Yet he also cited statistics that a third of voters agreed with her and wanted a divorce in the country.

“It’s dangerous just to say this idea,” Maher said. “The idea that you can’t talk to ‘those people’ intensifies.

The problem is that simple separation is not so simple. There are conservatives who support abortion and liberals who refuse to fund the police, and there are many examples where opinions do not fit into a neat box that should work in a state created by ideology.

“It seems we need more new countries,” Maher said. “Or you can stick to one.”

You can’t be a patriot and you can’t stand for the whole ‘United States’ part of the ‘United States,'” he stressed. He suggested fixing a phrase commonly heard in St. Louis. St. Patrick’s Day, about how everyone is Irish that day. How about instead the motto, “We are all Americans every day.”

Early on in the show, Maher did an interview with Israeli actress, producer and book author Noa Tishby. Israel: A Brief Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth.

They talked about Israeli politics, and Tishby defended Israel’s actions in Gaza, which she called “organized terrorism.”

Maher said polls show Israel’s actions against Palestine are falling out of favor with liberals.

“If they spend a day in Gaza, they will know what liberalism is,” countered Tishby.

The panel included Forward Party founder and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang and Michigan Democrat Elissa Slotkin.

Yang emphasized the benefits of the Universal Basic Income Plan, and he and Slotkin tried to explain the turmoil caused by several bank failures last week.

In an amusing moment, Maher brought up the San Francisco reparations plan. This gives the descendants of enslaved black Americans $5 million and many other benefits.

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