BBC ‘Red Nose Day’ showrunner urges crew to ‘make a fuss’ over leaked audio cheating

Exclusive: The· red nose day The showrunner gave the crew an iconic BBC Charity telethon to ‘make a fuss’ about cheating as part of BBC studioEfforts to anticipate inappropriate behavior on the show.

Deadline got audio for peter davie delivery What came to be known as the “covenant” To the crew and presenters who gathered on Thursday morning. Listen to the excerpt below.

First introduced in August last year, the idea calls for a pledge to be read at the start of each BBC Studios production, encouraging respectful and inclusive behavior and making it clear that misconduct should be reported.

No indication of concern related to it red nose daybut sources said they were relieved by Davey’s speech before the show aired live on BBC1 on Friday night. To do. love actually Directed by Richard Curtis.

“There is a very important message to set the tone and value of the piece,” Davey said. “Our senior team is committed to making sure everyone is properly cared for.”

Davey then read out the full pledge, saying, “We want the BBC Studios to be a safe place for everyone who works here. We expect you to act in a respectful and inclusive manner.

“All individuals should be treated equally regardless of age, disability, sexuality, sex, race, religion or belief, marital or employment status. At the BBC, we all read and abide by our Code of Conduct. I expect you to.”

He said senior producers are dedicated to creating a culture of “inclusion and respect,” that colleagues who raise concerns are “fully supported,” and that their complaints are “followed up in a timely and satisfactory manner.” It will be done,” he said.

Davey adds: Please make a fuss. We act when we hear things, but we cannot act if we do not know. So let us know. ”

He said the message is especially important for those working in the world. red nose day Because they are “on the point of all stress.”

BBC Studios said: comic relief 2023. Pledges are in place to clarify our expectations of behavior and culture. We are proud to have launched it across our production operations and feedback on its use has been very positive. ”

“As we said last August, since 2021, The Pledge has empowered senior production leaders to take responsibility for their actions on set and encourage accountability. It provides clarity and support to all team members, both on and off screen, by outlining who is responsible for managing issues and concerns.”

red nose dayAlso known as Comic Relief, will be streamed live from MediaCityUK in Salford at 7pm.David Tennant and Joel Dommett, hosts masked singer ukare among those presenting the show.

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