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SNP, who like to lie about their membership, wouldn’t have been so shocked if the Scottish press paid a little more attention to this website.as I pointed out 2 and a half years ago.

In October 2020, we reported that SNP’s 2019 account revealed that the party’s true membership numbers were not what was claimed. 126,000 but i like more 87,000.

The Scottish media ignored the story, even though it was clearly backed up by documentary evidence. And now I can be sure it’s true.

of 2020 account claimed “100,000 or more” That’s about a fifth of what was expected in 2019.

They later claimed to have lost a fifth of their members and increased their membership income by an astonishing 8%, despite various discount options being offered in response to COVID. .

The account also claims the membership had “Bounced” Approximately 117,000 by March 2021 and more thereafter 119,000 A few months later due to a massive sudden influx before the Holyrood election.

(Although it was still a difficult time with Corona, Many Lockdown Restrictions Still Enforced and the UK government furlough scheme still in place.)

A North Lanarkshire City Councilor said the 12,500 new members in March were: “10% up”which has a starting number of 125,000 and a total of 137,500.

but, Accounts for 2021 Apparently they lost all of these gains between May and December and the final total was 2000 despite the rapid influx in March and May under from 2020 104,000.

graph from House Library website (The black quotes and the March 2023 numbers are what we added.) Now it’s starting to look very strange.

Only after changing in this way can it begin to make sense.

But the 2020 and 2021 numbers are still somewhat dubious (and, reasonably, the 2017 and 2018 numbers should be cast at least some doubt as well).

Ironically, if SNP hadn’t spent much time lying about its numbers since (at least) 2019, and admitted Wings was right two and a half years ago, the recent decline would have been It couldn’t have been that bad.

But the real truth is, we still don’t really know how many members there are. Numbers produced by SNP without independent verification are now inherently unreliable.

Incredibly, not even Westminster leaders claim to know.

Therefore, this site does not believe that votes cast in party leadership elections can win the trust of party members (however large) or the wider electorate. There are too many instances of paid members not receiving votes, or votes given to expired members, for the data provided by SNP to Mi-Voice to be considered reliable.

(Wings directly verifies some such examples.)

And since it is not only the leadership of a political party that is at stake, but the prime minister of the country as a whole, the only credible course of action now is All votes cast so far will be voided and the voting process will be restarted under appropriate independent oversight.

Anything below that puts the newly appointed FM, whoever it is, under a cloud of fully justified suspicion that haunts them for the rest of their term and makes it impossible for them to carry out their duties properly. will do.

We believe SNP Secretary of State Lorna Finn and its President and CEO Mike Russell will do the right thing for both the party and the country.

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