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Arsenal handle title race pressure with champion confidence

Patrick Vieira may have been absent, arsenal He showed once again the strength of his self-assertion during the run-in, which symbolizes the acquisition of the title as a player. Leaders are getting very good at this, so maybe that’s what makes this race even more interesting.this his 4-1 win crystal palace It was the second consecutive league game in which Arsenal were beaten but put up a nasty opposition but effectively scored three points at half-time in clinical fashion. That’s what truly makes it title-winning, and shows that you don’t hesitate even when doubts and nerves can creep in. Instead, Arsenal are confident of an eight-point lead despite having one more game than Manchester City.

The Europa League elimination didn’t seem to have a negative impact. Gabriel Martinelli Here he scored the first goal after making a decisive penalty error against Sporting Lisbon. Just emphasizing how this is all about. Premier LeagueThat’s all Arsenal want to focus on.

Palace, on the other hand, need to focus and their relatively comfortable position now looks very precarious. There has been no recovery from Vieira’s dismissal, which is not always to be expected from a trip like this. Sure, they’re still in 12th place, but that doesn’t mean they were last season. is the lowest number.

Caretaker Paddy McCarthy had a hard time giving this in the first game, but now it needs more assurance and ideas. I don’t know yet if it’s Roy Hodgson. Otherwise, it could quickly become difficult to see Palace stay in the Premier League.

Slightly ironic, at first the attackers seemed to enjoy being released. Ultimately, his one criticism of Vieira was the lack of a sophisticated or modern approach going forward.

In this first match without him, Wilfried Zaha and Odonne Édouard were free to enjoy the race early on at Arsenal. Yes, and it was as good as Palace.Arsenal quickly turned sharp and started to increase the pressure.

The Palace’s massive defenses could not withstand. Saka Bukayo Finding space to move the ball towards Martinelli, the Brazilian did a great job of turning Joel Ward into the corner in an instant.

Martinelli opens the scoring as Arsenal bounce back from a European exit

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Most of Arsenal’s attack came at full speed, but it was Saka who soared to the top once again, seeing him go from a promising attacker to a highly productive one who consistently decides matches. showed again.

He played his first match just before half-time, also demonstrating a burgeoning partnership with Ben White. The right-back returned Saka’s pass with a neat ball inside, allowing the attacker to deflect the ball around Joseph Whitworth.

It was almost a game, but Arsenal shined even brighter, making sure to win the game with more than three points. went on to have a great season that we thought was impossible. The Swiss midfielder is one of his stories this season in a unique way.

Jeffrey Schlapp confirmed that it wasn’t a perfect afternoon with a close finish out of the corner before Zaha shot slightly to the outside.

It could have made everything feel very different, except Arsenal feel a very different team now. A deft cut back and Saka powering home.

Saka joins Arsenal estate

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By then, the crowd was singing Vieira’s old songs on repeat, almost fueling the Palace support. He wore it and won three league titles during his time as Arsene Wenger.

Mikel Artetateams still have a lot of work to do to clinch a single title. The important thing so far, though, is that they did everything they were asked to do. It cleared them 8 points and played more games when expectations were very different.

This game could have been very different. Instead, Arsenal are very good at this kind of challenge.

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