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Arrest warrant issued for Vladimir Putin on war crimes charges

International Criminal Court Issues Arrest Warrant For Russian President Vladimir Putin for the invasion of his country UkrainePutin’s army accused of war crimes Ukrainetargeted civilian infrastructure and tortured and killed civilians.

Putin’s invasion Ukraine Last year he shocked the world and now prosecutors want to see him brought to justice.

This comes days after prosecutor Karim Khan brought two war crimes cases to the ICC.

He asked a pretrial panel to approve arrest warrants for the mass kidnapping of children and attacks on civilian infrastructure.

Numerous reports document missile attacks on civilian infrastructure. Ukraine.

Russia He is also accused of kidnapping children and sending them to re-education camps.

Moscow denies allegations of war crimes.

Russia He was accused of war crimes early in the conflict. last year, Russia‘s withdrawal from the capital Kiev left behind a large number of Ukrainian civilian casualties, with evidence of torture also found in cities like Bucha.

Mass graves were also discovered where Ukrainian civilians remained dead after the Russian occupation.

Photographic evidence also showed the corpse of a civilian with his hands tied behind his back who had been shot at point-blank range. This was considered evidence that there had been civilian executions.

Arrest warrants have been issued against Putin and other Kremlin allies, but it is unlikely Putin will be brought to justice.

This is because the ICC currently does not hold trials in absentia of defendants.

In a statement, the ICC said:[Putin] Suspects are held responsible for the war crimes of illegal deportation of population (children) and war crimes of illegal removal of population (children) from occupied territories. Ukraine to the Russian Federation. ”

The Court found that the Pretrial Chamber “has reasonable grounds to believe that each suspect is responsible for the war crime of the illegal deportation of the population and the illegal movement of the population from the occupied territories.” He added that he decided Ukraine Harm Ukrainian children to the Russian Federation. ”

Barquiz Jara, deputy director of international justice at Human Rights Watch, told The Guardian: Russiais a war with Ukraine for too long.

“The warrant sends a clear message that issuing orders to commit or condone serious crimes against civilians can lead to solitary confinement in The Hague… Comes regardless of rank or position.”

Deputy President of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev Russia and former president and prime minister Russia Fight back at the ICC today.

He said: ‘The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir PutinNo need to explain where this paper should be used [toilet paper emoji].”

UkraineThe Attorney General of the ICC praised the ICC’s decision, saying “the Russian regime is criminal and its leaders and minions will be held accountable”.
In the UK, Labor leader Sir Kiel Sturmer said, “The International Criminal Court Vladimir Putin and other high-ranking Russians for barbaric behavior Ukraine.

“Today’s announcement sends an important message that Putin and his allies have nowhere to hide and that the world is determined to make them pay for what they have done.

“I have seen firsthand the destruction and devastation wrought upon America’s bravest people. UkraineThese cases are just the tip of the iceberg.One day, Putin will face justice: Until then, the focus of all who believe UkraineHer liberty and liberty must remain above ensuring her victory. ”

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