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Are women being demoted from football managerial positions?

Flaherty himself is undeterred, already having a B license and looking to apply for an A license in the next few years, hoping to eventually manage in the top tier. The 31-year-old has eight league titles, including his four league titles during his WSL days (two with Arsenal, two with Chelsea), seven FA Cups and eight league titles, including the European Cup with Arsenal as a teenager. After a playing career that included a league title, he hung up his boots in January. 2007.

‘I put myself out there for the club I played for’

“I want the fans, the manager and the players to know that I left everything on the pitch and put my heart on my sleeve and gave my body for every club I played for,” he said. England’s centre-half says: “Setting standards, that’s what I was proud of.

“I want to be a manager because I think I would make a really good coach. What players really want is integrity and consistency. There are times when I feel like I was able to take care of that player and influence him. I would love to be a WSL Manager, although I think I will eventually. ”

For someone who has been synonymous with the WSL since its inception in 2011, managing it will feel like a natural step. In fact, it was Flaherty who scored the first goal of the competition, helping Arsenal to a 1–0 win against the future club. Chelsea in April 2011 at Imperial Fields, home of men’s non-league side Tooting and Mitchum.

“This might be the perfect question for a pub quiz.

“No one expected a centre-back to score goals and definitely not me. We now have a deeper understanding of what happened.”

“Kate is obsessed with my heels.”

This isn’t the only WSL record to bear Flaherty’s name, but another one is increasingly under threat. Flaherty has the most appearances in her WSL history (177), but her former West Ham teammate Kate Longhurst is one behind her.

“Kate is after me. If someone were to take my appearance record, I want Kate to take it,” she says.

Flaherty now has a new goal: a professional. The former Lioness was behind the microphone at Ashton’s gate in England’s 6-1 victory over Belgium in February. sponge again. She returned as a 15-year-old girl to make her Arsenal debut. I am doing her training sessions, listening to other commentators and studying. [my agents] Please give me feedback to move forward.

“I was always very critical of myself playing football and now it is the same. , I want to be a commentator.”

Perhaps in the future, she too aspires to be the best manager.

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