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Amber Gill praises loved one’s ‘progressive’ reaction to new girlfriend

Love Island’s Amber Gill says her family and friends are only supportive of her new romance with girlfriend Jen Beatty (Photo: PA)

Ambergill praises family and friends’ ‘progressive’ reaction to her new romance With girlfriend Jen Beatty.

2019 love island The 25-year-old has been linked to Arsenal’s 31-year-old for several months. pair found They were snapped at a Winter Wonderland date in December obsessed since then.

In a new interview, the reality star said she was “very happy” with her new love and praised those closest to her for being progressive and open-minded about her new relationship.

“I think England is progressive in a way, because for my friends and family it was nothing,” she said. It was “not out”. I was fine

“We’re getting there slowly,” she said mirror“What people did before me means I can come out with a girlfriend. I’m in a relationship with a girl and I can say that everything is going well. This has never happened before.” bottom.”

“People were afraid of it. I feel like I’m in a good position,” she added.

The couple made things official on social media in February (Credit: PA)

She noted that some “close-minded” social media followers were less supportive, recalling the Love Island days when Amber dated male contestants. Greg O’Shea in 2019.

“Everyone really did: ‘We saw you date men,'” she continued, noting, of course, the years gone by. It’s been four years!”

A beloved pair happily thrashed (Photo: CrystalPix/CLICK NEWS AND MEDIA)
Amber says she’s ‘so happy’ with new love Jen (Photo: @jbeattie91

Last year she addressed rumors about her sexuality ‘Swapped team’ And was open to dating women.

She also previously said she wanted to keep her relationship a little more private.

But the happy couple soon made up official social media In February, we tagged each other with sweet photos tick tock Reveal from a pair. Both shared photos of the bouquets sent while Amber tagged Jen in her story from ESPA Life in Corinthia, London.

Then in early March, the loving couple were snapped sharing a kiss, as soccer player Jen celebrated Arsenal beat Chelsea.

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