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Agent Elvis Review: Bless My Soul

Everyone involved Agent Elvis I’m excited. Netflix’s Adult In his animation, Matthew McConaughey portrays the king of rock and roll in the south. We seem to believe that Matthew McConaughey is secretly embedded in the government’s covert spy program to fight the dark forces that threaten the country he loves. At the same time, he is planning his 1968 comeback. Scatter, Elvis’ pet chimpanzee, is a perpetual presence, drinking, flirting with prostitutes, and shooting people. Charles Manson, Richard Nixon, the mob, the Mafia, and the Rat Pack all show up at some point.

The voice cast is ridiculously good – Don Cheadle is Elvis’ shady handler. Priscilla Presley is playing herself.Johnny Knoxville and Ed Helms Baz Luhrmann, the director of the recent Elvis biopic, a cameo appearance. The soundtrack predictably rotates on all counts (co-created by New Jersey musician and Elvis fanatic John Eddy), and the animators, along with malevolent glee, have a great deal of Grand Guignol. Includes battle scenes.

All of which could have made the show unbearable.After all, it was co-created by Priscilla Presley What if Elvis Presley was already a hero to many, an even more unruly legend who saved the world with his fists as much as he saved the world with his songs? It’s a clever take on the Spider-Verse, painfully modern yet deliberately retro, borrowing a ’60s comic book look and trope while being filled with sex, gore, and F-bombs…it’s easy An idea that many Hollywood moguls who are Elvis fans came up with while sipping energy drinks on private jets.

Still, Agent Elvis, on the rounds, is a blast for viewers, too. The steady hand of longtime author of the excellent Archer, Mike Arnold, keeps things calm. His FX series of over 100 episodes, Archer, happens to be an adult spy anime series. From that show, Agent his Elvis, his favorite stylized animation, Howard his fuse-stored-his-urine-jar joke, all the (admittedly very funny) Elvis hippies of his Distinguish, or even spy, his thriller imitation needs a plot.

Agent Elvis has enough questions about who’s pulling the strings, what’s the master plan, and how Elvis got caught up in international espionage, a flight of fancy, postmodernism. A nudge wink, softening the appealing visuals. And now we know what Elvis did when he left the building.

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