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Activision Blizzard has ruined the gaming industry for generations

Games are never the same (pic: Activison)

One reader fears long-term effects of Activision Blizzard The acquisition would be worse for both Microsoft and Sony than many realize.

If there’s one thing I’m sure gamers are sick of hearing, it’s activision blizzardThat’s why I was hesitant to even create this feature. But I’m not arguing right or wrong between Microsoft and Sony here, and I’m very happy to point out that they are two giants. I do not pretend that one side has the moral upper hand.

What I want to talk about, though, is the detrimental effect all of this has on the gaming industry and gamers themselves (check it out!).the acquisition is Announced in January 2022 At $69 billion, it’s a staggering sum that is almost incomprehensible. But broadly speaking, disney bought Star Wars At just $4 billion, this is the biggest acquisition ever made by Microsoft (sometimes the world’s largest company).

Sony strongly opposes trying to buy the biggest publisher in the gaming industry because it’s not normal and Microsoft knows it would lead to a massive coup. What worries me is that the two of them aren’t doing anything in the meantime. Both release schedules have dropped to near zero since the announcement, and I’m now afraid of doing anything that would spoil what I told Exclusive Agent.

Microsoft has already used the success of The Last of Us as proof that Sony doesn’t need Call of Duty, and Sony is using Redfall and Starfield to make sure Microsoft secretly makes everything exclusive. So until all of this is done and the dust has been dusted off, which could take months, possibly years, before Fable’s reveal or another major PlayStation 5 Exclusive news is not available.

At some point it has to break ranks and nothing can be released, but the outcome of the acquisition is now more important than anything else for both companies.

They intend to continue avoiding any announcements or actions that could change the situation as much as possible and it is pathetic to see that happen. It will take years. Not only that, but considering all the problems Microsoft had to manage developers it had already acquired.

Imagine what trouble Activision and Blizzard would have in making them part of Microsoft. Two large companies with multiple studios. The only reason Microsoft was able to fund them was because their stock plummeted when it became clear how badly they were run in terms of a toxic work environment.

Microsoft couldn’t even run 343 Industries properly. How on earth do they manage all that in addition to all the other new studios they have?

It’s going to be their own nightmare, and that’s not all. The relationship between Microsoft and Sony used to be very friendly, but now they hate each other’s guts. Plus, Activision Blizzard hates Sony. This would ruin all hopes of future cooperation between any of the three companies.

It’s also elevated the fanboy rivalry to an all-time high, with people interpreting the whole thing as Xbox vs. Xbox. Not Microsoft or Sony, PlayStation literally says anything and blinds investigators.

The whole thing is a never-ending slogan. Even if the acquisition is greenlit this year, it will take much longer, perhaps decades, to settle. If so. The impact will also affect future generations of gaming consoles, making it more likely that Sony will make big deals with the likes of Google and Amazon. And more and more rhetoric and unruly and disgusting sums.

And we’re still sitting there hoping they’ll move on and announce a new game…

From reader Roblo

Will it end? (Photo: Microsoft)

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