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9 Questions You Need Answered After Watching The Gold

Adams was investigated as part of the 1987 corruption investigation, Operation Russell (which saw another investigator commit suicide), and was later named in a report on the Stephen Lawrence murder investigation. Lawrence’s family suspected Adams had an affair with gang member Clifford Norris, the father of one of his murder suspects.

After retiring in 1993, Adams took a job as security chief at NDS, a technology company owned by Rupert Murdoch. Adams was named among accusations that NDS hacked the code and helped pirates gain access to Murdoch’s pay-TV competitors.

However, in 1990, the Public Prosecutor’s Office announced that there was no evidence to support the corruption allegations and that no subsequent disciplinary action had been taken.

Just last year, the allegations against Adams were detailed dispatchA representative said Adams was exonerated in all investigations.

Why did criminals move to Kent?

as depicted in Money, it is true that the South East London thug moved to Kent. Not Brink’s-Mat’s fault, but its convenient location – a place where thugs can spend their ill-gotten gains on the mountains of the country (Kent where burglar Mickey McAvoy is comfortable with his wife Jacqueline and mistress Kathleen respectively). (as seen when purchasing a farm). Easy access to the stomping grounds of South East London.

“They were able to quickly get back to Rotherhithe and Old Kent Road and feel at home,” Lamb says. “It wasn’t far from home. Just as criminals from the East end moved into the deepest, darkest Essex.”

According to Wensley Clarkson’s book, Curse of Brinks Matt, the fact that Kenneth Noe came from Bexleyheath (considered more Kent than London by his fellow villains) rather than a South East Londoner who moved to Kent was a strike against him. “He knew that Noe wasn’t real and that other people thought so too,” Kathleen said in real life.

Was there really police corruption in Kent?

“What are the first rules of working in Kent?” asks DCI Voice in the second episode. His right-hand man quickly replies: “Don’t tell the Kent police that you’re there.”

“The birds start singing,” Boyce adds.

In fact, Boyce’s special task force is reluctant to alert the Kent police to operations in their territory. In Noe’s pocket is a Kent officer who is also a fellow Freemason. Ramm recalls that it’s a real problem. “The Kent and Noe people had their suspicions,” he says.

As well as having friends in the Kent Police Department, according to Clarkson’s writings, Noe slept with a civilian inside the Kent Police Department and gave him information about the Brinks-Matt investigation.

However, channel 4 dispatch About police corruption last year, I told the opposite story. His retired Kent Det Supt Nick Biddiss said that when Kenneth Noe was wanted for his 1996 road rage murder, he called the Metropolitan Police into the investigation because of the possible connection between Noe and the Metropolitan Police. He recalled “deliberately avoiding” getting involved.

Kent’s corruption story continued into 2014, when four police officers were fired for manipulating crime statistics. No more problems with Kent police corruption.

what happened to genie?

In this series, Jeannie (Dorothy Atkinson) is a down-on-his-luck mall who is embroiled in Noye’s money-laundering scheme for Brink’s-Mat. The real Gene Savage ran a newsagent and a tobacco shop. She was the partner of John “Little Legs” Lloyd, a suspected Brinks-Matt robber who fled to Florida.

Savage paid over £2.5m of Brink’s-Mat cash to Bank of Croydon. Apparently, she actually dropped a large wedge-shaped note (£12,500) when she went to her bank. MoneyThe book suggests that the story may be apocryphal.

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