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6 books to read on Mother’s Day to help you understand your mom better

Happy Mother’s Day from us to you (Photo: Waterstones/Amazon/Getty)

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Mother’s Day is here – a day dedicated to motherstepmothers, grandmothers, and other maternal figures in our lives.

For some people, the day means bouquets and toasts.

But it’s not an easy day for anyone. If you are estranged or have a difficult relationship with your mother, emotionally provoking.

And whether you’re very close or don’t always make eye contact, relationships can be difficult, and your relationship with your mother is no exception.

Sometimes we can use a little extra help to understand our mothers.

From brutally honest discussions of the mother-daughter relationship to hilarious novels about the pressure to “do the right thing” when raising children, there’s something for everyone to read.

Things My Mom and I Don’t Talk About by Michele Filgate

Things My Mother and I Don’t Talk About by Michele Filgate (Photo: Amazon)

Fifteen writers come together to share their candid views on their relationship with their mother.

From André Aciman talking about what it was like to have a deaf mother, Meliza Phoebos explores what it was like to have a psychotherapist for her mother. ing.

Buy now for £10.99.

Drinking Custard: Diary of a Confused Mother by Lucy Beaumont

Drinking Custard: Diary of a Confused Mother by Lucy Beaumont (Photo: Waterstones)

If you’re looking for a laugh, this is for you.

Lucy’s witty take on motherhood draws attention to the trials and tribulations that mothers go through.

Buy now for £8.27.

philippa perry book

philippa perry book (Photo: Amazon)

It’s no surprise that what your parents did when they raised you influenced who you are today.

This book contains the best tips for fostering relationships in your family and they are easy to implement. We all need a little help from time to time, and that’s okay.

Buy here for £10.99.

Don’t Forget to Shout: The Unspoken Truth About Motherhood by Marianne Levy

Don’t forget to shout: The unspoken truth about motherhood by Marianne Levy (Photo: Waterstone)

This candid and honest memoir talks about what it’s like to be a modern mother.

Marianne doesn’t hold back all the strong emotions that come from being a mother: anger, love, loss, fear, and joy.

Mothers are so good at hiding their emotional turmoil that they tend to think they’re fine. But just because it looks easy doesn’t mean it is.

Buy here for £9.99.

Panic Years by Nell Fritzel

The Panic Years by Nell Frizzell (Photo: Waterstones)

For many women, the decision to become a mother is complicated.

The book touches on the pressure and urgency women face when asked to decide whether to have children.

It literally covers the “years of panic” that make you feel like you’re on a ticking clock, helping millennial women feel seen.

Buy here for £10.99.

Reasons for the Mummy’s Drink by Gil Sims

Why Gil Sims Drinks Mummies (Photo: Waterstones)

This honest and hilarious take on motherhood covers what it’s like to always feel like you’re failing at everything when you really aren’t.

Told in diary-style entries, pick-up times tell of mothers’ relationships with children, husbands, friends, and other mothers.

This is realism at its finest, and a great way to understand the life of a middle-class mother.

Buy here for £8.27.

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