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5 women overdosed on fentanyl horror

Five women overdosed on fentanyl in a shopping center parking lot. Police said the five workers were found in the lower floor of the garage, but a man who helped revive the group said one of their girlfriends had “blue lips and hands.” .

Around 5:30 pm on Wednesday, workers found three of the five men lying on the ground and took immediate action.

“When I approached one woman, her lips and hands were blue,” he said.

“It was the same with two other women. I got an AED kit, started CPR and one of the women was able to respond.

“One was unresponsive and didn’t seem to be awake.”

He told NBC New York that he performed CPR on the women, all of whom were adults between the ages of 29 and 41, and who were showing symptoms of an overdose.

Investigators said Narkan was administered to all five and each was revived.

“It was just an instinct. Someone’s life was at stake. I knew if it was me. I saw what happened to that player at the Bills. How important CPR was.” I know there is

Four of the five women were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Their condition was unknown and a fifth woman refused treatment, police said.

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It wasn’t immediately clear how the women took fentanyl, but opioids are used to race drugs such as cocaine and heroin, which may have stronger effects.

However, users may be unaware of its existence or unprepared for the effects of a powerful drug and may die.

Hackensack Mayor John Labros said, “It’s heartbreaking to see the horrific toll these illegal and dangerous substances take.

“My office has been working closely with law enforcement since this tragic incident was first reported. As the situation unfolds, we are providing emergency responders and the rest of the community with much-needed support. I will continue.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 70,601 people in the United States will die from fentanyl overdoses in 2021.

That figure is up 25% from 2020 and nearly double the number of fentanyl overdose deaths in 2019.

There were about 500 drug-related deaths in New Orleans last year, of which coroner Dr. Dwight McKenna said 95% were due to fentanyl.

“We are losing them every day,” he told Fox8.

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