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32 new bake-off host Alison Hammond was basically British TV’s best

With her contagious laugh, rambunctious sense of humor, and a great interview style that everyone can agree on. A-listers known for having the most difficult stitches, Allison Hammond is really a one-off.

After gaining fame as a roommate older brother In 2002, Alison was immediately registered as a roving reporter. this morningand continued to appear in things like I’m a celebrity… get me out of here! and strict come dancing.

In recent years, her fame has skyrocketed after her well-deserved promotion to one of This Morning’s main hosts. Nominated for Buffa.

And now Alison has landed her biggest presentation gig to date. Announced as new co-hosts of The Great British Bake Off.

We all know she’s basically the best of British television, so we already know she’s about to hit it off — and here’s 32 to prove it. There is a clip of…

1. When Allison accidentally pushes a man into the Albert Dock

2. When she told Holly and Phil she wanted a man with a “strong back”

3. Almost arrested during a gig from Pisa

4. When you held a live ceremony for a woman who wants to marry her dog

5. When Alison forced Dwayne Johnson to propose during an interview and was so cool when he put a ring on her finger

6. When Barry Humphries mistook Dermot O’Leary for Philip Scofield and after congratulating him on his coming out, she completely lost it

7. When you get caught on a doorknob on a live broadcast while promoting a caravan tournament

8. When she covered Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first public appearance and didn’t feel cold at all

9. When she surprised Hugh Jackman on a date and got him drunk and fed him chocolate

10. When Alison played Kylie it was perfect frame by frame

11. It was a really wild ride when she took over the kitchen this morning

12. And they gave her a miniseries of her own on Instagram, which was even more heartbreaking.

13. Her first turn as a celebrity contestant on Bake Off was equally great.

14. Speaking of kitchen mistakes…

15. Allison also had an infamous encounter with the table

16. When Ant and Deck convinced her she was staying in a haunted hotel as part of the Undercover stunt on Saturday Night Takeaway.

17. When she squatted with Michael Bublé

18. Bradley Cooper was a little unimpressed with her singing ability

19. When Alison asked Jonathan Bailey for a live demo of the Bridgerton sex scene

20. When I interviewed a tree.yes it’s wood

21. Riding the smallest, least scary roller coaster ever

22. When you gave 110% on Missy Elliott’s “Let’s Sing And Dance For Comic Relief”

23. When I was surprised by the cast of Magic Mike

24. When she launched a (spoof) bid to become Prime Minister and totally convinced us to vote for her

25. When Alison couldn’t quite contain her laughter in this unaired Strictly Come Dancing clip

26. When Allison didn’t win Best Presenter at the NTA but gave the iconic acceptance speech as This Morning rang the gong

27. When he couldn’t say a word during an interview with Harry Styles and Kenneth Branagh

28. Everything about it was great when she met Mariah Carey

29. When she got on the RNLI

30. When she became the Christmas Countess in Sainsbury’s festive ad

31. When she braved the ski slopes

32. And finally, when she stitched Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling together during this absolutely hilarious interview

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