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3 colossal casualties ejected in shocking death episode

Death brought big changes to Holby ED (Photo: BBC)

Casualty’s episode on Saturday (March 18) was extremely dark and brutal, featuring the death of a beloved staff member and the loss of two other regular characters.

We have had many sad casualty episodes and many sad deaths in the past – Charlie (Derek Thompson) loses Daffy (Kathy Shipton) Dementia comes to mind, but there are countless others. There have been many episodes of staff teams being put under tremendous levels of pressure, and this is becoming more and more the case these days.

But in the story that unfolded tonight, the pressure was relentless and the prospects so disappointing that Charlie and Dylan (William Beck) and Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) were forced into years of underfunding and neglect. Losing and knowing little hope of improvement, I kept coming to work after work.

The main focus of the story was poor Robin (Amanda Henderson). She was in a car accident on the way home from her last shift as a paramedic and looked forward to her happy future with her fiancé Paul (Paul Popplewell). ) and her daughter Charlotte (Aurora Jones).car accident happened at the end of the last episode one day When there were no ambulances available to help her because resources are so limited.

Had Jacob made a different choice, the outcome of Robin’s crash could have been different (Photo: BBC)

When she was finally brought back to the ED, things looked bad for her and even summoned Keller’s Brilliant Sasha Levy (Bob Barrett) It was of little use when there were no free theaters and no theater staff working there. Ultimately, Sasha assembles a theatrical team from David (Jason Darr), Max (Nigel Harman), and Dylan to fight to save Robin’s life, to no avail.

David Hyde was the one who broke the news to the rest of the staff team, telling him everything he knew from the look on his face. When he went to see the woman, he was completely broken, as was Charlie, who had collapsed in Dylan’s arms.

Even without this tragedy, there were other horrible things happening across the department. After David’s frantic search last week to find a private place for the old woman to die with dignity, this week the woman had a stroke in a hallway trolley while waiting to be seen.

Sasha arrived, convinced she could help Robin (Photo: BBC)

A boy who needed an IV to manage his long-term condition was kept waiting for hours because staff or equipment were busy elsewhere. Another woman was told she had cancer in her hallway by an overworked and distracted doctor. Meanwhile, a demanding patient who had little trouble with him demanded the care and attention that bewildered staff still owed him.

And Faith discovers that another victim of abuse Dylan was investigating at the nursing home is former patient Elsie (Amanda Barry), with whom she had developed quite a bond.

No wonder it was too much for some people. When Dylan gathers the team to discuss what happened to Robin, Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi) says he’s had enough of the stress of the whole day and the weeks and months that followed. I realized that

Earlier, he told Paige (Shalisha James Davis) about his idealistic vision for the job when he started studying nursing in college. Now he is finished, he said. “Every day, Jacob,” he insisted when Jacob (Charles Benn) tried to suggest they all had a bad day.

David agreed. He said, “I’m done, I’m broken,” and resigned. One by one, the nurses handed over their badges and left, including Charlie.

Without Charlie, who has been on the show since Episode 1 in 1986, the casualties are almost inconceivable. There seemed to be echoes of the first episode when he got in the car and saw Charlie dressed in yellow and heading to the hospital. VW Beetle. Will his casualty career end with him driving off?

It could have been, but first he overheard his message on the phone, apologizing that Robin was there and had a harsh word with him the night before. Later, he said he liked the idea of ​​drawing him who never gave up and stood up for what was right.

He got out of the car and went back inside to tend to the patient. When Jacob gave him the pass, he said,

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