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1p Hack Erases Tight Marks On Your Mug – Comes Out Like New

A cleaning enthusiast has revealed how to remove terrible marks from mugs in seconds.

If you can’t imagine your morning without your coffee or tea, you’re probably familiar with the black marks on the bottom of your mug.


Anne Demonstrates TikTok Hacking and She Has Over 2 Million FollowersCredit: tiktok/@annrussell03
Experts say all you need is a cleaning paste and a kitchen sponge.


Experts say all you need is a cleaning paste and a kitchen sponge.Credit: tiktok/@annrussell03

Fortunately, TikTok user Ann Russel (@annrussell03), came to the rescue in a simple way cleaning tips It’s effective and doesn’t cost much money.

to demonstrate the hack to her 2.3 million followers tick tockAnne grabbed a soup mug and claimed it wouldn’t leave a mark in the dishwasher.

Instead she videouse your favorite cleaning paste and apply a small amount using a kitchen sponge.

There are many such pastes on the market, but Ann used elbow grease on the clips.

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After a little scrubbing, the cleaning fan revealed the results and the mug looked like new.

Place in the dishwasher or rinse in the sink to remove excess residue.

Fellow cleaning fanatics flocked to the comments, and many thanked Anne for sharing the trick.

One said, “I really thought it was a scratch. I didn’t know they could come off.”

“Learn something new every day.”

“Oh, I love those marks. They’re a sign of a mug being loved.

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“Anne is a legend,” exclaimed a loyal fan.

Another agreed, writing: You are the national treasure Anne. “

Elbow grease paste has become a staple in many homes and can be found on your local high street.

The Range Offering it by the pound, online retailer Fab Finds also sells tabs of the 500g product for just £1.

A great bargain find means a small dollop of cleaning paste will only cost you a penny.

Wiz also recently shared How to banish pesky shower limescale 20p hack in seconds.

According to Anna, the answer is very simple, requiring only a few steps and no scrubbing.

The first thing she explained to her fans was to remove the shower head.

Then place it in a bowl of hot vinegar – for the US, she suggests using CLR cleaner.

If possible, Ann also recommended another additional step – run a small pin or needle through every tiny hole to remove stubborn limescale.

As usual, guru video has taken the internet by storm, with dozens of people thanking her for her hacks.

One fan laughed.

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Another addition: “Thank you! We have really hard water here.”

“Always very informative,” a third flocked to the comments.

cleaning hacks and tips

Here are some tips for cleaning your home like a pro.

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