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    19 mins ago

    Terry Sanderson isn’t sure if he called Gwyneth Paltrow ‘King Kong’ and ‘Godzilla’

    Terry Sanderson has again taken a stand in his lawsuit against Gwyneth Paltrow (Photo: Reuters) Terry Sanderson isn’t sure he…
    33 mins ago

    Almost half of schools allow self-reporting of gender

    Nearly half of secondary schools are for children self-report gender The survey was found without parental consent. Downing Street is…
    37 mins ago

    Joe Lycett and Elton John pay tribute to Paul O’Grady as Raab commits PMQ debacle

    Paul O’Grady: TV star and comedian dies at 67 Get all the latest entertainment news and reviews by signing up…
    48 mins ago

    I am a teacher and I was plagued by a malfunctioning wardrobe. the kids were laughing at me

    A middle school teacher shared a daring wardrobe blunder she experienced that caused a lot of laughter at her expense.…
    52 mins ago

    Gangs Spreading North Korean Malware, Stealing Cryptos Named

    Mandiant, a security company recently acquired by Google Cloud, has named a new North Korean nuisance. A cybercriminal group called…
    1 hour ago

    Putin Begins Nuclear Training Amid Warnings Against Battle of Bakhmut – Latest

    Russia’s Medvedev Issues New Nuclear Threat Sign up for our breaking news email for free real-time breaking news alerts sent…
    1 hour ago

    I have big boobs but hate wearing a bra – you don’t need it in my favorite shirt

    A woman with big breasts has revealed her recommended shirt styles for people who don’t like bras. The fashion lover…
    2 hours ago

    Sharon Stone reveals she has $13.5 million less than Michael Douglas on Basic Instinct

    Sharon Stone Revealed she’s $13.5 million less than that Michael Douglas in her breakout film, 1992’s Basic Instinct. “Michael Douglas…
    2 hours ago

    Transgender shooter’s manifesto to be released once FBI analyzes

    Nashville school shooting Audrey HaleThe pre-kill manifesto of FBIA team of criminal profilers analyzes its content. The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis…
    2 hours ago

    Revealing depression made BBC’s Hugh Edwards ‘funny looking’ but he’s ‘thrilled’ for coronation

    live BBC’s Hugh Edwards reveals he’s been “giggled by people who think you can’t do your job properly” when discussing…



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